10.02.2016 09:39

10-Microsoft, Windows Updates the contents of the Now Saklamayacak

Windows Update starts a new era in 10. Very satisfied with their Windows to the user thought to be 10 Windows 10 Update site.

10-Microsoft Windows updates in July last year since the release of this operating system fixed and regularly. Updates although she met with Windows when it is applied a patch 10 users really don't know what's changed. Microsoft rarely explains the release notes and updates are often carried out behind the scenes. Microsoft to change this Windows 10 update history site.

Update On What's Going To Happen?

Each site will contain the update Windows 10. So it's going to be a historical record. Microsoft spokesman one Windows 10 updates as they related to the level of statements made after the operating system related feedback update decided to implement a new system that can be found, he said.

10-user on a monthly basis a large number of changes made to the Windows don't realize is, this site IT administrators and it's going to be a very important source for the power user. Microsoft's new Windosw 10 Updates site today is going through life and will be updated as you make new updates from Microsoft site. Microsoft Windows in under 10 already Redstone related tests for updates.

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