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2016 January Bear best practices

What are best practices? The best applications of January to take under the spotlight. Here are the most popular and best of January applications!

In the month of January, these days most new applications for Android and iOS investigation and it's time to choose the best ones. Last month's most popular applications include Music Sunetra ranks first. With this application it is possible to record a tune immediately. When it comes to inspire you to record Music you can benefit from the application of Silvy. In second place is Hyperspektiv you can make GIF files. Here's some of the best practices we have selected for you:

Newest and best practices

1-Music Silvy

Last week, Apple has updated the Garage Band. However, the Music made available in Silvy. This application is quite simple but musicians •finally to ideas offers the opportunity to register without losing. This application is free.


This application by adding a variety of filters to your camera unreal effects generation. These effects while recording with your camera at the same time. Hyperspektiv price of $1.99.


Both iOS and Android phones available in the realization of projects that Kickstarter, creative. A free application.


IOS is appropriate for this application over 50 funny animation adding the faces of the people in the photos are available on the phone. Costs $2.99.

5-Microsoft Selfie

This application is available for iOS free. Microsoft Selfie selfie perfectly with drawing.


IOS is appropriate for this application you have to do is not only editing jobs, will boost your productivity in the options.

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