12.02.2016 18:48

5 g Tests this year in America Begins

5 g technology? 5 g technology mobile operator company, running on AT&T, 5 g technology will start to test for.

Verizon's last September 2016 would start to test in 5 g technology after the AT&T began to work the same now. Us-based mobile phone operator company, AT&T, in collaboration with Intel and Ericsson will start field tests.

5 g's going to change what's going on with?

among the most important developments to bring the technology of 5 g 8 k resolution films to track creation. 8 k resolution provides the bandwidth needed for 5 g 4 k films through pad checkers. 5 g technology is in no way a security network is expected to have tact. In addition, data retrieval and data forwarding times will accelerate the overload. These periods will be a maximum of 1 millisecond. 5 g is another contribution of traffic cameras and smart homes located in environments such as sensors to provide users with access to the flow of information.

However 5 g technology in the first place is not close to home just outside or inside your home you will be able to use. By today's standards, up to 100 percent from 10 percent in a speed boost, which will provide 5 g networks are expected to become standard by 2020.

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