07.02.2016 20:57

A big change on Twitter!

A big change on Twitter! Twitter users, change the number of users on Twitter that puts into shock will not change the change remains to be seen.

Buzzfeed news site similar to Facebook and Twitter style published a new representatives, after news reports about algorithmic time flow is a big racket. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he scored with a series of Tweets this morning although news content users to calm down she didn't deny it. The number of followers will stop using Twitter more than many users expressed the threat could occur this week of changes while News continues to come in.

When The Flow Of The Mode Of Operation

The new time is not sorted according to the flow of time tweets in the stream. Twitter's putting into practice a year ago "you when you are away" will be the new improved version of the time flow of the property may be considered. You did not do all day long introduction to Twitter. When you open the application you will see significant titles of the day. Several times during the day when you log in as "away" on the property in the search you will see that to tweets in chronological order. When you refresh the page is chronological time stream to come back.

The Verge is a new version of the application a couple of months of the site uses two meeting for the contact, persons are not the Twtter complacent revealed.

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