23.12.2015 19:28

Among the Giant Google and Ford deal!

On the one hand America's technology giant Google, on the other hand, America's auto giant Ford. What about combining these giants event? Details in our news!

According to reports, Ford and Google, rolled up its sleeves to produce a car and driver to come to an agreement. Yahoo! Autos is Ford has announced that it will announce to the public the deal at CES in 2016.  According to a comprehensive project because the project would be, Google and Ford independently carries out the job. In addition, under the deal, Google is also able to work well with other car companies. 2020 year conditions, for the two giant companies to increase its traffic since the aforementioned tools is planned for 2020.



Google has a great deal in the field of driverless vehicles showed progress, 53 pieces on the streets of California and Texas are testing driverless tool and by this time had about 2 million kilometers of roads. While this progress is a popular brand and Ford with the driverless vehicle technology to increase greatly the interest.

On the other hand, Google constantly these tools to develop even more the sensor and software aims at perfecting. removal of traffic expected in the year 2020 tools we are following the developments and worried sick. We hope that this progress is provided in our country and we step on the big produce driverless vehicles.

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