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Antutu A Jug Is The Best!

2015 according to measurements made with the AnTuTU the best smart phones. AnTuTU leader in smart phone of 2015? Here's AnTuTu 2015!

2015 in order to determine the best devices of AnTuTu test made victorious Smartphone iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone is the closest rivals Huawei Mate 6s Plus 8 and Meizu Pro 5. Two Samsung device that appears in the list, down 5. and 6. While not the first 10 products between LG and Sony users. Antutu to receive the highest scores in test iPhone 6s Plus is 132,600, nearest rival Huawei Mate 8 92,746 points followed him.

Antutu Jug Leader iPhone 6s plus!

Products manufactured and quality does not offer users excellent optimizations in every sense, security and performance in the last hundred laugh iPhone products in 2015 as one more successful new year test bomb would make entry . Especially iPhone 6s Plus provides stabilization and performance tests will always place in the sector thanks to protect new products Apple, proving that success will continue.

From the iOS platform lately to Android possible transition, even with the news that Apple transitions lie churning social media also saw the quality of Apple and iOS. Therefore, as of their position in the industry always has a clear attitude was revealed again the Apple quality. At CES, with its own operating system and processor always preserves an important name in the Apple AnTuTu with high scores test of can device so have produced and was also presented. iPhone-6s-plus

As of the current period iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone is a rise in sales of products of the 6S considering Apple's protection of its place in the industry for many years is likely. Therefore, despite the different Android devices and operating from different lanes joined architectural AnTuTu an introduction to the test successfully and to finalise the test highest of 2015 AnTuTu Apple and the iPhone will get success in other tests of 6s Plus wondering It has become the subject. YouTube channel and although a lot of testing on a variety of first-hand information to be made in this direction as a result of all the tests of 2015 can prepare the best product selection according to the environment.

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