14.02.2016 11:45

Apple Changes Some USB-C Wiring

Global Exchange program from Apple. Apple has announced that it will change the design is faulty cables. Apple users can change these cables free of charge.

Apple, starting today June 2015 date 12-inch Retina MacBook came with or separately sold USB-C cable has launched a programme to modify the global.

Which USB-C Cables Going To Change?

According to Apple's statement all the cables will be changed again. The only design flaw due to the MacBook does not allow fully charged or charging-Limited Edition USB at intervals-C cable is going to change. The cables are a design failure on the "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China ", said the barrier is located. Redesigned cable in the same article to be found but will have a different serial number. MacBook with the given or sold separately at the Apple Store and this design error that contains all the USB-C cables change scope. Apple, as everyone affected could change this cable free.

Providing a valid mail address while retinal MacBook customers will be sent automatically to your own cables. Other customers to buy the new USB-C cables may contact Apple customer service or visit the Apple service charge included in the region.

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