26.12.2015 01:31

Apple To Complete another $179 Million.

Apple, Samsung wanted to 179 million dollars from. What about Samsung, Apple will make the payment to? All details related to Apple's requests to our news!

Telephone market, is so popular after that phone companies began to compete with each other on an ongoing basis. When this is the case, when two giant companies Apple and Samsung's pricking each other and now we see ads. What about years of arch-rival Apple and Samsung this time why they came face to face? I've got all the answers!

Apple, Samsung wants what's his money from?

Apple's claims;  Samsung should pay to Apple full of 179 million dollars in compensation and interest on debt. So based on what Apple says these words? In fact, the event goes back many years ago. (Again, according to the Apple company) Many years ago, issued 5 phone from Samsung, Apple was chewing of patents.

Job, moved to court right away. The decision of the trial court will determine what happens. The judge accepted the export process to court Lucy Koh. There's a point to consider. Yet there is no final result with the Court's decision. So far, the only information is from this event was moved to court by Apple.

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