03.02.2016 15:32

Apple Watch S Can Be Identified.

Apple, Apple Watch S model. So what's new for Apple Watch are? Here are all the details about the Apple Watch S!

Apple released last year and battery life are generally full, except user note about Apple Watch to receive new leaks. According to Apple, the new leak like the faster iPhone series, which he described as "Speed" I mean "S in" application will apply Apple Watch.

Here's Apple Watch S details!

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster posed by allegedly Apple, Apple Watch will make the hardware improvements and Apple Watch S on March 15 this model will give the name to edit the event.

According to Gene Munster Apple, Apple Watch the hardware improvements such as critical points in the processor and battery capacity. Munster, Apple Watch's design would be a huge difference in.

So far, according to the allegations in March, instead of a new Apple Watch Apple Watch's new strap models and was expected to receive software updates. Munster claim posed by minimising all these expectations. Let's see what Apple Apple Watch in March will pop up an innovation?