22.12.2015 14:28

At the age of 25, the world’s first Web Site!

Today on the Internet has many different areas billions of internet site. So, the ancestor of this site? How old is he? Want to know how it's doing right now?

Today you can easily go online and you can read this article on yazabiliyoruz or. Now he’s taking our turn minutes web site. So is the ancestor of today’s sites, by the age of 25, this year his grandfather and Baha website?

Have you ever wondered what the first drop-down web site?

CERN (European Center for nuclear research) in the past Nuclear work if our mind with the internet is known for his important breakthrough in the field. The birthplace of the World Wide Web (WWW) at CERN in 1990 is the first internet site in English and computer engineer and the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee has been opened by. As with html, HTML-based site, content, and information about how to open the web site.

The site was founded NeXT computer
“Red pen on the computer is a server on this machine. DO NOT TURN OFF “sign still appears.

We write this right now, when you read the large contribution of Tim Berners-Lee thanks to. Tim Berners-Lee I-briefly-provides the distribution of content and information to millions, billions of people under one roof, we can define as the collection of human. You’re The Man R!

By the way, you can browse the first Internet site here.

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