25.01.2016 23:17

Attention Apple Users!

Apple users in danger. Found a new Apple vulnerability hackers, Apple threatens all the devices manufactured by users.

One of the world's largest companies and prints with gold letters in history the name of the üreiticisi of the iPhone from Apple came a new description. A threat was detected against Apple users and black hat hackers by abused deficit drawn from information as soon as possible.

A new open in Safari on Apple's popular browser found!

So-called malicious system as black hat hackers by Apple vulnerability detected. Compromised system-those who use the Apple brand product in the email sent to the video monitor or click on the following link for information. From the moment I clicked on this link users of Apple devices, starting from the new record was being data losing. New apple came up as this event drew a great deal of Apple's charisma, though, the deficit is harmless and contained by Apple officials as soon as possible to fix info. If you're an Apple product and if you are using Safari as browser not to ignore this vulnerability. If you don't want to get hurt about Apple vulnerability crashsafari.com any link given on the link to the address you need to open.

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