04.01.2016 20:20

AVG Virus Program, Shock!

Popular anti-virus maker AVG found open in. So what's this concerning open AVG users? Here's the AVG's agenda like a bomb that deficit falling!

Today people see all kinds of work in the internet. This although the transactions before you can begin tracking brings with him a lot of danger. In recent days, according to the information described in the anti virus program is AVG's Chrome add-h is used by a reported his host. In particular, material on the internet needs to be very careful of the processing user. In such cases the users by the system in terms of security anti virus programs.

AVG IDP Logo_short_RGB

Users who regularly scans the system güvenirliğinden they don't doubt. However, AVG anti virus program called Chrome plug-in is located in the biggest open Web TuneUp users all internet information to hackers. This is clear first of all thanks to a Google company employees were identified. Open from the moment where the starting team users warned about it at work.

Accessing User Information How Viruses?

When forced to make Google Chrome Web TuneUp plugin installation is then infiltrated into users ' computers. From the moment the load carried in the people's history and personal data. Other than that, users ' e-mail accounts ' able to access great threatening.

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