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Battery life up to 10 applications that consume

Max battery consuming applications have listed for you. The most common battery consuming applications application crash. Here's Max battery consuming applications!

Smartphones now an indispensable part of our lives. If you turn your head in the hands where Smartphone you can run into people who are dealing with. When it comes to Smartphone users that become most complained at the beginning of the battery life issue. This situation is simply ' phones unless the mind we can summarize short battery life '. So what's so us battery depleting?

Maximum Battery Life-Consuming Applications


Almost every Smartphone owner Facebook users on your phone this application. But what they don't know is the fact that this application is for a battery that Monster!

2-Google Play Services
Google play services

How many users disagreed with Android OS these applications almost like your battery is, you keep track of the remaining percentage of exploitation.

3-Facebook page Manager
Administrator of the Facebook page

The Facebook users who want to manage in detail is often preferred by this application Facebook application so your battery drainer.


This is a messaging application developed by BlackBerry application is also stealing from your battery life applications.

5-Words With Friends
words with friends

A word game developed by Zynga is Words With Friends, your battery will give rise to the type of application to end quickly.


Popular photo and video sharing network Instagram, after acquisition by Facebook popularity brought popularity and almost all of us goes into the Pocket. Pockets with a finish of our battery, we recommend that you keep this application.

7-Facebook Messenger
Facebook messenger

The name of the list for the fourth time with Facebook, Messenger application print and Max battery consuming proved its leadership in applications.

8-ooVoo Video Call Text & Voice

Popular with video, voice calls and messaging application ooVoo so that your battery lasts a short time, that caused the end between applications.

9-ChatON Voice & Video Chat

Samsung has a messaging application developed by ChatON is very popular along with the absence of one of the most tükecek your battery application.

10-The Weather Channel
the weather channel

Allowing us to follow closely the weather this application is going to finish quickly your battery takes its place between applications.

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