30.12.2015 19:29

Because of Apple's Per iPhone 4s are in trouble!

Apple, iOS 9. However, for users of iOS iPhone 4s 9 suffering. What about iPhone 4s why Apple's getting into trouble?

It exposes in recent months, Apple's iOS mobile operating system is the new version of the iOS 9 users appreciation. However, the case for Apple's old pupil iPhone 4s are a little more evolved in a different direction. users of iOS iPhone 4s 9 began the rebellion along with. Even a user of Apple iPhone 4s, so even gave to the Court.

Here I was worried That Apple iPhone 4s Case!

Living in America, the iOS iPhone 4s named Chaim Lerman 9 update after iPhone 4s Smartphone froze the slowing down, and that's by making Apple's new smartphone users deliberately encouraged to take direction to make a claim. In accordance with the new iOS version of Apple's ecosystem is an old iOS version a user cannot go too. So when the user mentioned the allegation prove accuracy of iPhone 4s and Apple to try to make up for the losses caused by a $5 million lawsuit.

trial of the case is not yet open iPhone 4s made. 's Let's see if this case is discussed for years as a policy followed by Apple; slow down the old phones with new updates, the new phones will save how to claims that speed up a size?

Apple raised regarding this claim, do you agree? What are your thoughts?

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