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Best screen Recording Applications for Android

Android screen video recording most of the implementation for the root when requesting permission to this list field applications Android screen video does not require root to save.

On occasion, users of Android Smartphones or tablets to get the screen record. Android device screen users who want to get on the record what they did this process brings the Android operating system with their hands are tied. Android only screen scraping applications this list while offering the possibility of Android screen video recording.

Android Screen Video Recording Applications

LESSER Screen Recorder

LESSER Screen Recorder-Android

You can save both with LESS Screen Recorder screen video and screenshot.

RecMe Free Screen Recorder 


RecMe Free Screen Recorder, developed for the most innovative Android screen video recording application.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder-Android

Android 5.0 and above operating systems can be used in this application is completely free and does not require any root permission.

NLL Screen Recorder

NLL Screen Recorder-Android

NLL Screen Recorder, screen video shooting at the same time the front camera can take you from an application. Quite detailed settings, this application best Android screen video drawing application.



Successful implementation of the Android screen video recording application Mobizen.

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