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Beyza Durmaz interview: Erzurum, we talked about technology and More!

The scope of activities came to Erzurum Snowworld Beyza Durmaz technology did a nice interview on the theme. Here's our interview with Beyza Durmaz.

Beyza Durmaz "smell" in the past year, performed series of music album, and a number of projects together with the familiar ad Jingle. Turkey is the shining star in this field of Beyza Durmaz, late last year, "there's The non-existent" had to take out a new album. This album is part of the "non-existent" song, lists out the top to the bottom of the well to success since day one. Beyza Durmaz, recently the most popular Google's share in 2015 the search results "Lyrics" category, Have Which Exist with the song "8. managed to get ranked. We succeed in this way by doing an interview with artist, Beyza Durmaz wanted to on our site.

Beyza Durmaz, 26-27 performed in Erzurum in Snowworld December 2015 activities, despite freezing temperatures he gave an unforgettable concert. Technolat.com shining star of Turkey as the family of Beyza Durmaz to Erzurum and the arrival of a beautiful concert, seized the opportunity and then we wanted to find out their views about the technology of Beyza Durmaz and keeping a nice in-focus technology topics main We did the interview.

Beyza Durmaz Erzurum, We Interview

Adem Canpolat-Beyza Durmaz
Social media one of the artists that use an active way. What's your social media like you and the artist ID provides a contribution?
-Social media Yes I use it actively. But as you follow you actively use their accounts do not mean continuous shares. I'm interested in accounts or topics is to follow my kullanıcılıktan I understand. Only your own account to share something of our good and right doesn't mean we are using social media.

Do you think social media is a must, especially for singers?
-Are essential to Us is to make a good song. If you don't have a good song, written and visual media with social media is also very good if you use moves anywhere. Other visual art may be different for celebrities who with. But I don't think so for my category. Better be.

It's a good thing, it's a good thing you call an invented, I am using a technological product?
-Of course there's a lot of. Making life easier, people news retrieval, communication needs, it's a good thing I'm using any technological product that makes it easy.

As the technology people are called yalnızlaşıyor. What are your thoughts on this?
-Generally speaking, I see it in my observation. As with everything in this area, the need to make the setting. TV and internet access all kinds of information, from the spot, to see them, to fight to reach them, is something to share them. I'm looking forward to seeing, getting to know new cultures, new people, too. I also try to do them by himself.

In our country, people have a consumption of insanity; credit, by borrowing smart phones compete with each other to get. What are your thoughts about that?
-Everyone needs or Tan shapes are different. I can't say right or wrong to behave like this. Like I said about the person's priorities. If the phone talking, or if you are happy to go on the Internet all the time, if you spend most of your time in this way, it's natural to be your priority. As I said before, my priority is more different things.

Before receiving a technological product, that product on the Internet as research?
-Of course I do. İhtiyacıma I'm trying to find the most appropriate product. After you have determined that the safest and the cheapest I can find where to get. I look into the comments and complaints site. I'm seriously looking into.

You manage your social media account yourself?
-Paylaşımlarımı I make it myself, so I'm running my account. But I believe that incoming messages are queued in the sorting and deleting of messages, such as maliciously-written, of course I'm taking, I'm going to have to receive support. Because I have to say thank God I need Facebook or Instagram both via email from pretty busy messages.

Technological developments would you follow the news?
-My particular interest. Generally speaking, I'd like to be kept informed of what's happening in every sector. The exception, of course, the music industry. My own business is innovation in the field of music, both in Turkey and around the world will follow very closely what is happening, I investigate.

With the development of our country's place in the field of technology and what are your thoughts on?
-Rate of use of the internet across Turkey 50% if you consider crossing, close to 60% of internet users use mobile tools in the use of technology and consumption if you think we're good. The important thing is that we use them for what purpose and where are we in the production? We don't think we're where you need to. More creative, more productive, more innovative.

Finally, do you have a new project? How to benefit from technology while offering this project?
-Of course I have a few project. First of all, ' poetic justice ' song clip. Listen to radio in mid-January, you'll start to see the clip in a TV channel. Not very ambitious about the way you use technology – we're going to do something. I believe we would draw everyone's attention. I hope you like it.

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