25.01.2016 22:17

Bill Gates donated $4 million!

The owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates pledged $4 billion. What about Bill Gates made this donation where? Bill Gates ' details for his donation of our news.

90% of computers worldwide of the inventor and of the Windows operating system, known as Bill Gates the world's richest person Fortune continues to spend for charity work. As a result of discussions with the UK Government, to combat malaria health organizations and non-governmental organizations, a total of $4 million has announced that it will donate.

Bill Gates Spends His Fortune To Charity

The largest software company in the world is the sole owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates the world's richest in protection and a list of the closest competitor to take the difference to all. A lot of research firm by the amount of $ won per second is Bill Gates recently 99% of his wealth is established in the name of charity of persent will pass their own bodies, uk at a symposium attended by non-governmental organizations and health organizations to combat Malaria, a total of $4 million (about four million us dollars), announced that it would make a donation. Because of the adverse living conditions, especially in rural Africa, the rapidly increasing malaria disease, is expected to slow down with the support given by business people.


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