22.12.2015 15:01

Black Ops 3 for new update!

Black Ops 3 will be released for the Playstation on February 2 to 4, the update, PC and other consoles will come out. That's what Black Ops 3 update details!

Activision, Call Of Duty Black Ops III Story mode to make it better than the new generation of consoles working. In addition, last issued an announcement about the downloadable content.

Activision's Downloadable Content Details!

The name of the downloadable content package offered by Activision as ' revival Pack '. Awakening Package for the first part, four multiplayer maps and a new ' zombie ' tale. Activision, at a DLC February 2nd first Playstation 4 coming to other platforms with.

Sony E3 Conference coming to future receivables had to specify which packages map of Playstation. Then Activision and Treyarch next generation consoles would be unorthodox for a story mode also will take into account the previous year's frustrations. At the same time all Black Ops series this year to about 12 million people on a monthly basis, adding that still more active. Backward compatibility for the Xbox One owners, the players are trying to take into account the requests frankly is not seeing.


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