24.12.2015 22:47

Cyber attack Banks in Turkey!

Turkey, which is under cyber attacks lately, today felt more and more the impact of cyber attacks. Banks have stopped the internet access.

Recently, workers were against cyber attacks to Turkey today, however, these attacks are more noticeable. Turkey today in many of the Bank's ATM and there were big problems in access to the internet.

Cyber Attack By Anonymous *!

The world famous hacker group Anonymous by undertaking attacks felt more intense today. Anonymous hacker group recently also IŞİD share, thinking we were helping in the video was in threat for our country. The Bank's Internet site accessible is an official said: "for the moment it is not possible to say anything about the aforementioned access shortages continue to work. We will also soon explanation. ".




On the other hand, Turkey made to the following post by METU cyber attacks.

"The public's knowledge and made" .tr "extension web sites we would like to inform you about the cyber attacks.

Middle East Technical University, since 1992 ".tr" top-level domain name, and the second level names under management and coordination when developing persistent, but also engages in international standards and without any problems. The measures for possible cyber attacks against servers, provides continuously with the latest technology. "


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