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Delete the Windows .old Folder

How to delete the Windows .old folder, what is it, what does it do and a lot more detail in this guide. Here's the Windows .old folder delete method!

What is the Windows .old folder.

Windows users more updated their computer after you upgrade your computer to a new Windows operating system C drive consists of a folder and the Windows .old folder size is usually very large and disk covers an area large.

You can delete the Windows .old folder?

Earlier operating system in the Windows .old folder hosts the information to remain. When you think your going to work first, and you need to find important files from within the Windows .old folder on your main account. After receiving all the necessary files, all you need to do unnecessary disk space with many files, this folder delete.

How to delete the Windows .old Folder.

To delete the Windows .old folder all you have to do with Windows is to use the Disk Cleanup tool from internally.

Delete the Windows .old folder

Windows .old folder delete operation is quite easy. First of all, the first place in your computer's search, type Disk Cleanup and out. To open Disk Cleanup tool, you can apply another method is C drive then right click Properties by selecting the option under the General tab click on the green button located to the Disk Cleanup.

delete a Windows old folder

To delete the Windows .old folder after opening the Disk Cleanup tool, select clean up system files and finally click on delete files. All these steps after you apply the Windows .old folder will be deleted.

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