24.02.2016 19:12

Emojiler for Facebook Like Button!

Ended up taking the Facebook like button, Facebook has been updated with the emoji. Ended up taking Facebook already managed to be loved. Here are details about renewed like key!

Facebook in recent months, Ireland and Spain as the first countries it exposes "ended up taking the Facebook" feature in conjunction with updates to all Facebook users activated today. Facebook, alışılagelinen for years using the Facebook like button and ended up taking the emoji express more emotion anymore chances was presented to their users.

Facebook Like Button with Renewed details ended up taking!

Facebook users like key known by everyone for years. But love, love, death, joy, sadness, etc. confirming with the key just like of the shipments on the sometimes not so welcome. So Facebook like button now can't afford users requests. Seeing this, Facebook, like to express more emotion to the Facebook ended up taking the press liked emoji successfully integrated.


Ended up taking the property of Facebook is to use your message get to you the Like. When you hover over the encounter ended up taking the Facebook like button emoji are going to come out and he will be able to choose your mood emojiyi that specifies the current feeling.

Facebook ended up taking the property for the time being was able to held in high regard by users. Let's see what with Facebook in the future there will be developments ended up taking?


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