10.01.2016 22:53

Facebook to Mac users, rejoice!

Facebook, Facebook Messenger mobile application then started developing a new Faceboook Messenger application. That's Facebook Messenger application!

Today, messaging applications, especially mobile platforms, including mobile and desktop platforms, shows up frequently. Desktop messaging applications include Skype, mobile in his hand is in the banner of WhatsApp Messenger flag holding the name. Starting in the mobile platform messaging app craze is shifting slowly desktop platform, though seriously until now, a rival to Skype messaging application could not be made.

All of these developments, according to the latest information from Facebook after Facebook Messenger very soon desktop platforms. Windows Messenger for Facebook by name before desktop brings Facebook, Facebook messaging application with this application is very successful, and soon he was removing the publication from this application.

Facebook Messenger for Mac application!

According to information leaked by TechCrunch, Facebook, Facebook desktop for Mac platform Messenger application. Facebook not authenticated officially by this development is already the kind of improvement the Mac users rejoice. That this rumor and then comes a similar application for Windows to see if it feels it is not. First word-of-mouth will come with explanations of these rumors will gain certainty. For now, we wait to dropping.

If you want an informal Messenger developed by third parties for Desktop Facebook Messenger Windows, OS X or Linux operating system, you can use the messenger.com interface on your desktop by downloading. Click here to download Messenger for Desktop application.

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