19.12.2015 01:10

Facebook, Video Player Has Changed!

Adobe is changing with HTML5 replace Flash. This time it was the millions of user change the Facebook! Here's Facebook's HTML5 attack!

The world's largest social media platform Facebook, Adobe Flash in recent months to eliminate the unwieldy structure of the studies said. Adobe Flash vulnerabilities and full of errors of structure from those who want to get rid of Facebook, giving up now from Adobe Flash. In this context, Facebook, a new update to Adobe with Flash vuracağa a solid blow.

Facebook Videos Now Supports HTML5!

Facebook, a great change has HTML5 video player active by default. Facebook in this way, the video began to show their users with the HTML5 engine. Adobe Flash video player that can make it to get rid of cumbersome structure of Facebook, no longer may a better experience to their users. Users that experience; I can watch videos more quickly and with less possible errors that may occur. In addition, in this way, Facebook, Adobe and Flash creates burden was spared from the page.

As we have seen, technology giants slowly continue to get rid of Adobe Flash. Let's see if he will make the switch to HTML5 and Adobe Flash is a new blow to the next technology giant which will be huge?


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