18.02.2016 21:57

Facts About the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6, one of the most eagerly awaited of the year 2016 device. So Galaxy Note 6 features, what's new in this device?

Phablet is one of the most ambitious of the market name Samsung Galaxy Note series, this year-to-be-released Galaxy Note 6 model will dominate mess with. Yet we do not have a serious leak from a technical point of view Galaxy Note 6 is one of the largest innovation expected to arrive with laptops can be used in conjunction with the idea of a device.

Samsung, with its patented this idea on a smart device, an area on the laptop and put this device aims to use as a screen, keyboard and touchpad. Founded on a phablet device that will happen with a device this device dreams definitely Note it will most likely be a series of devices. But whether this device Note 6 is as yet unknown.


According to other details contained in the patent this device will work with the Windows operating system. If this is to be implemented with the patent idea Note 6 Note 6 already assume strong technical features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date-related yet leaked, though not too hard to guess the release date of the device. Note 4, October 2014 date when the exit in the Note posted on August 5, 2015 output. Note 6 this close to two months considering the first half of the year, output in the months to make a new Note, we can specify that our series devices can see confirmed.

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