11.02.2016 09:44

Flash Ads Are Removed

The use of Flash is now resuscitating? Google's description of the Flash will not include advertising include the harbinger of approaching an end Flash application?

Google, Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DCDM) platforms as of June 30, Flash ads, announced that it would take to publish. Starting in June, now advertisers AdWords or they will not be able to install Flash ads DCDM platforms. In addition, 2 January 2017, from the date of any advertising network Google Flash ads will not run.

Which Ads Work?

Google ad network Flash ads will not work correctly. However, this only covers ads format. Flash-based video ads of this situation will not be affected. As Word of this application together with the use of all sectors is expected to Flash slowly away. Chrome, already since last September to block some Flash-based ads. Firefox is 2016 swore he was not eliminated this format until the end. In fact, even changing its name to Adobe Flash Professional name application itself had tried to keep away from this problem.

Google Adwords as Google + page on the subject contained in a shipment in order to enhance the navigation experience of different devices in the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing's 100% the switch to HTML5 underlines.

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