21.01.2016 23:02

Foldable Screen Phones for new Claims.

Foldable screen phones we all really want to see. So when will a folding screen phones? That's the new claim with phones!

Foldable display technology to the top of the agenda for many years, finds its place. Especially the folding screen phone concept design are also made with this technology, which it even more interest. So high on the agenda for years encountered folding screen equipped smart phone technology, when are we going to meet with? IHS named research firm came up with a new claim in this regard.

Here is the Folding Screen Smartphones he claims!

IHS research company China representative Kevin Wang, technology giants folding screen you a good breakthrough for smart phones but will be produced with this technology of smartphones may not be offered for sale within the next 1 year is He claimed.

Wang, can be doubled for smartphones is 3 mm of the required radius of curvature and in this way can be made of a folding screen. Currently, the market curve (oblique) screen Smartphone is the radius of curvature of the model 400 mm-3000 mm.

The following is the radius of curvature of the screen visually lower the graphic that is shown as bendable.


Let's see if Samsung and LG screen like the folding screen manufacturer giant firms IHS of smartphones put forward regarding the release date … these claims? Together, folding-screen smart phones to wait and see.



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