01.02.2016 22:00

Follow the Mars 360 Degrees!

360 degree video image of Mars was shared via Facebook. What about Mars ' 360 degree image how was it made? Here's a 360 degree image of Mars and details!

NASA sent to Mars Curiosity Mars Rover vehicle named consists of 57 different image last week from a selfie image. Facebook started to offer in the past week, and users have also been thanks to 360-degree video service are satisfied with this photo of 360-degree image selfie was shared via Facebook.

That's 360-degree video produced Details of Mars!

360-degree video image belong to Mars, Facebook 360 degree video team is making on the selfie image from the Curiosity tool studies was obtained. 360-degree image of Mars then NASA and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also was shared via Facebook accounts. Mark Zuckerberg FileShare "This video 360 degrees and is only the beginning of what we can do with virtual reality. It's pretty amazing. "he did not neglect to write an article.

360 degrees of planet Mars is quite simply make navigation video in. Mouse-drag an area on the video with your Mouse, you can do it easily by moving the navigation. If your smart devices by moving your finger 360 degree navigation on the image of Mars.

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