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General Mobile 5 Plus Properties!

The General Mobile 5 today at the MWC in 2016 Plus features? General Mobile 5 Plus how much? That's all about General Mobile 5 Plus.

Last year, he made the most sales with One platform Android phone General Mobile 4 g, a new model to maintain the same claim. By 2016, new phone at MWC today identifies the General Mobile will shake up the Smartphone market in our country again that comes with performance and price.

General Mobile 5 Plus specs and price

5.5 inch Full HD resolution IPS screen, General Mobile 5 Plus protects the screen with Gorilla Glass 4. The power of the 8-core running at 1.5 GHz Snapdragon 617 will than General Mobile 5 Plus, 3 GB of RAM.

13 Megapixel rear and 13 megapixel front camera, General Mobile 5 Plus standard DxO Mark draws attention to be appropriate.

3100 mAh battery has to be fed from a processor Qualcomm's General Mobile 5 Plus, fast charging 3.0 also supports the technology provided.

32 GB internal memory will be released with General Mobile 5 Plus, Micro SD support up to 128 GB with that can be upgraded.

Will come with the operating system Android 6.0.1 Marshmallows General Mobile will be 5 Plus graphics unit 405 the Adreno.

General Mobile 5 Plus, Cat 7 class come up with LTE modem. Cat 6 Cat 7 300 Mbps download speeds. But upload speeds on a phone that uses different Cat 6 upload 50 100 Mpbs, while Cat with 7 uses phone upload Mpbs loading speed by offering us the difference by half.

General Mobile is $5 Plus the price of 999 in Turkey, while the selling price will be 199 Euros in Europe.

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