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Half-life 3 bad news to those who wait!

Half-life series, the highly anticipated game half-life 3 bad news came from. What about half-life 3 sad news from? That's sad that Half Life 3 comments!

When we look back on the release of half-life 2, we see that over 12 years have passed, and not necessarily "half-life 3?" we ask. It's over the past 12 years. What 12 years games have come and gone in this game from the market. Print the name of the game was between the legend games half-life series is the highly anticipated release of the third game half-life 3 to place on the shelves, not even the name of the game has taken the language producer Valve. All of these developments followed the recent news coming from Valve's half-life 3 looks like it's going to upset people waiting.

Half Life 3?

A Reddit user TeddyWolf by emerging with an e-mail image separation comments that half-life 3 date. The email in question 18 years working within the body of the Valve and half-life makes all games released in the series was written by Marc LaidLaw left his post in the company. This separation comments "half-life 3 cancellation?" the question brought to mind.

Laidlaw, descriptions of the half-life series are completely belongs to Valve and starts before this project itself and then said he could go on.

Too old to write the scenario of the game indicates that Laidlaw, by writing in their field to the rest of his career will continue.

Valve, half-life 3 and separated from any task with Marc Laidlaw.

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