20.02.2016 23:06

How Do You Reset A Microsoft Edge?

Each user has the Microsoft Edge-reset is an issue and Microsoft Edge that is very easy to reset operation. Here's the Microsoft Edge reset method!

As you know, Microsoft, the new operating system, announced a new internet browser with 10 Windows. At first the Project advertised as new browser project is definitely the Spartan name as Microsoft Edge later became clear. Default new browser Windows 10 internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer internet browser completely the old did not delete from the market and the old browser Windows 10.

Windows with the output of 10 to do as soon as possible with a wide reach very different from Internet Explorer browser Microsoft Edge browser interface. For this reason some users from Internet Explorer can not find anywhere are looking for Microsoft Edge settings are used. One of these properties to reset the browser property.

The Microsoft Edge browser directly to us in the form of a "Reset the browser" does not offer an option. But the first day of your browser which allows you to make detailed reset options.

Reset The Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge, it is fairly easy to reset operation application. That's what you have to do to reset your Microsoft Edge browser are:

  1. Start your browser Microsoft Edge.
  2. 3 points at the top-right of your browser, click the icon.
  3. From the drop-down list, click the settings on the bottom.
  4. "Clear browsing data" under "click on" select the items to be cleared.
  5. Then click on the show more and all options.
  6. Finally, press Clear and reset is complete the Microsoft Edge.

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