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How The Size Of The Pictures Is Reduced Before The Quality Of The JPG Extension?

JPG is a very common image format. Is to reduce the size of the JPG is very easy. You have to do to reduce the size of the JPG.

Before you begin you first between public as JPG (or a known as JPEG) what is it, why is used, where is it used; We want to talk about them.


JPG is an image extension, and nowadays very widely used. This stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group image format to create very small sizes of quality photos.

.Jpg images as ZIP format files use a compression method. I mean, these are places that file again and is removed from the files and those files are reduced to a great extent the disk footprint. This compression process is permanent and cannot be undone. This very small sizes of JPG files already quality photos sunabilmesinin secret.

JPG Where Is It Used?

Initially developed for the use of professional photographer image format nowadays is located in almost every smart technology and usage area is quite spacious. In short we can say that the field be used.

Shrinking The Size Of The JPG Files

Thanks to Adobe Photoshop and so many programs which will be held on a JPG file during the save the degree of compression can be selected. And of course according to the degree of this compression you choose photo quality losses. But even that loss today very small does not prevent achieving quality images.

Nowadays used as very common JPG files on the internet has a lot of JPG file compression site. Thanks to this site very, very small, the size of your files to JPG quality losses (almost too visible) can degrade. But this photograph obtained after the compression process is very, very low quality corresponds to a loss of enough to satisfy you, you have gained great field.

The Internet has many JPG compression application. Some of them have their own algorithms, paid program. Such paid programs significantly gains in your JPG files allows you achieve. Jpg files are involved in and if you are not someone who has an obsession with too many fields will help you in this regard and does not require you to download additional programs on your computer to one of the many free JPG compression site. We'll talk about the jpgoptimiser.com site.

JPG compression before you start the first .jpg extension is supposed to be an image file in your hand. JPG compression site jpgoptimiser. com to testing and already have on hand if you can not find a picture in JPG format by right clicking on the image below, you can save different picture from your computer and you can use during shrink.

Let's Start With The Shrink Process JPG

First go to the website jpgoptimiser.com. When it comes to website you will come out a site like this. If you have an image in the following figure and everything.


At this point all we need to do on the left by pressing the button select the file we want to reduce the size of the JPG file featured. At present we gave you above, we choose the JPG file.

technolat-jpgoptimiser 2

After selecting the picture File is on the right side of the select part of the image, the picture information. When we look at the picture to the right, so we can see that our 190533 byte 186 kilobytes.

JPG to begin the process of reducing blue Optimise button. Optimise immediately after pressing the button located on the bottom right away Your Optimised Files section of the Status of the index in transmitting your image, you can see how much of the remote server. This value is 100%, your server automatically after file size and to be processed after deducting the Status section of the File, you'll see the writing optimised.

technolat-jpgoptimiser 3

JPG file is reduced in size after the New File of your milk is contained in the Download link you can download a reduced-size picture of you. Size (bytes) column, we see our new image size. 190553 byte (186 KB) after the image compression 154068 bytes (150 KB) of minimized. You can see the part of savings (bytes), so it was reduced in size 36 kilobytes 36465 bytes.

If these values are just waiting for you … If you satisfy a compression levels greater than any other website. tinyjpg.com .jpg extension through your pictures, you can reduce the file size of a much larger proportions.

to reduce the size of your JPG files with the tinyjpg.com, you must:

First, enter the address of tinyjpg.com. tinyjpg.com when you enter the site you will be a display in the following way.


We want to reduce the size of the picture by doing drag and drop or want to Drop your .jpg or .PNG files here! Click on where it says file-selection tool to be compressed with we can send to the remote server. In the meantime, not only tinyjpg.com JPG PNG extension can reduce the size of the paintings. Ask them after you have selected the .jpg extension image file such as the following, we will begin to install to a remote server.

technolat-tinyjpg 2

Our remote server installation process finishes, jpg file then you will be greeted with a result like the following.

technolat-tinyjpg 3

You can see in the image above we shrunk at a rate of 77% tinyjpg.com to image and the picture of us 190 KB 44 KB was able to reduce to the size. jpgoptimiser.com is a much better compression algorithm than site tinyjpg.com almost no loss of image quality, decrease, to help in your dimension. Like we said before, not only with JPG PNG image tinyjpg.com can reduce your.

tinyjpg.com with küçültüğümüz's picture and to see the difference between the original image, you can look at the image below. If you don't see a difference between both pictures you are:)


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