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How To Delete Your Account, Whatsapp?

Whatsapp account deletion property not known by most people. Whatsapp account deletion contrary to popular belief. Details WhatsApp account deletion listing!

Whatsapp Messenger today, mobile platforms, the most widely used messaging application. With the acquisition by Facebook feature that speeds up the development of WhatsApp nowadays is used by billions of users. You can see from the photo below 1 billion monthly active user WhatsApp to intrudes. The same success on the popular social network Facebook's mobile messaging application with the Messenger also captures the Facebook Mobile and desktop platforms in use today is the number one social network.

Monthly active users (million)

This is only one of you will describe how WhatsApp account deletion. Remove the application from your phone to your account with whatsapp is not deleted. Most users by unknown WhatsApp account deletion of details is only one! First of all if you delete your account, let's talk about losing what's going on.

When you delete your account phone number whatsapp WhatsApp will be deleted from the database and can be re-registration. In addition you will exit automatically from all groups and all your messages and your media will be deleted. Please note that WhatsApp account deletion is irreversible.

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How To Delete Your Account, Whatsapp?

First run your application and menu WhatsApp settings section. Switch to the Account tab and then tap Delete my account. After you have entered your phone number by pressing the button Delete my account WhatsApp account can complete the deletion and delete your account permanently WhatsApp.

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