How to Send Free SMS from the Internet?

Today, there are many phone users who work with many Android and iOS operating systems that want to send free SMS from the internet. It is very popular to send free sms from internet due to the high SMS prices of the communication operators in Turkey such as Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone. Even in the days when we are approaching the end of 2017, sites that still send free SMS from the internet are very popular on this site.

Many users are searching the internet for help on how to send sms free from internet. In this post, we will try to answer all your questions about sending free sms from the internet.

What Is Free SMS Sending From The Internet? How is it done?

Before I start to tell you what you need to do to send free SMS from the Internet, I want to talk a little bit about SMS. At this point, we can remember our SMS related information.

What is SMS, how is it sent?

SMS short form English Short Message Service; in short, it means short message service in Turkish. The service of sending a message written on a mobile phone to another phone is called a short SMS. Free SMS from the internet is very popular nowadays because of the operators paying for these services.

When was the first SMS sent?

The first SMS was sent by Vodafone UK branch in 1992, 23 years ago. In the first SMS sent in history, “Happy New Year” was written. Millions of SMSs are sent every day with the current technology after years of searching. Vodafone, especially Turkcell and Avea in our country in 2016 within the operators of SMS services. It is now possible to send free SMS from the internet that is not available for some time, and this method is used very often.

Free SMS Sending Sites from the Internet

Today, there are many SMS sending sites to send free SMS from the Internet. Some of them sell your numbers for tele-marketing, while others do it for free.

Users who are looking for a program to send free sms from the internet on the internet should be careful not to download harmful software to their computer. To send sms free from the Internet, it is safer to opt for free sms sending sites instead of installing programs that are likely to host viruses on computers. In this article, we will introduce you to sites where you can send completely free sms without any charge from the internet.

Bulk SMS Sending from the Internet

In order to send bulk SMS from the internet, we will introduce you in this post, you can send SMS to any person via free SMS site. We will add your posts to the sites where you can send free sms from the internet.

Sending Free SMS from the Internet

To start sending SMSs, click on the link we gave you below and start sending free SMS from the internet.

Free SMS Sending Site

Click on the above link and enter the number to which you want to send an SMS to the blank fields in the opened page, and then enter the security code at the bottom and press Send to complete your free SMS.

Another site where you can send free sms from the internet is this link. However, if you pay to send sms from this link, you can have more unlimited features. There is also a certain character limit when sending free sms.



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