30.01.2016 17:24

How To Use Whatsapp Computer?

Whatsapp, WhatsApp computers now being used with the Web. So how are we supposed to use WhatsApp computer? Here is the steps for connecting WhatsApp!

Mobile devices are popular and indispensable messaging application to use priority terms WhatsApp computer an internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft, Firefox, etc.), you must have the. In addition, below we tell to use mobile device Web version of WhatsApp WhatsApp final version when you also ensure that you have.

Whatsapp, WhatsApp how to use the computer Screen with the Web version?

First of all, the Web address of the internet browser you need to enter via WhatsApp.

Link's link: https://web.whatsapp.com/

Then when you enter the internet browser on the Web you need to establish a connection with your phone to WhatsApp. To do this, enter your Smartphone to WhatsApp from then on from the settings tab you can click on Web option WhatsApp. When you select this option, you encounter a barcode scan screen. At this stage, on your computer, you open with the help of the bar code on the Web, WhatsApp phone camera you need to read a barcode reader. And that's it!

When all these operations by connecting your computer WhatsApp WhatsApp activate Web version and you easily can use on your computer screen, WhatsApp.

Very useful this innovation are instant messaging, position of WhatsApp application stronger. The value of this property is currently both Android and iOS operating system is also available for smart devices.

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