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How Windows 10 Turkish?

If you have set up or accidentally Windows Windows 10 English 10 if the English language in this article how to make Turkish Windows 10.

Microsoft, the world's largest software company in addition to being one of the world's most used operating system at the same time Windows. The handful of the world's most popular operating system, due to host the world's largest software company to be one of the Microsoft Windows Windows version released with the last 10 in a very short period of time managed to reach a wide audience. Microsoft Windows 7 free upgrade option from Windows and Windows 8.1 10 ' presented to users in the first year free. This is followed by an incorrect path to the users during the upgrade for some reason after upgrading operating systems found in English. In terms of difficulty making use of in this case, how to make your operating system Windows 10 Turkish below step by step.

Windows 10 Turkish Making illustrated lecture

First click on Start. Click Settings in the immediate aftermath. Click the drop-down window of Time and language that startes and is included in the page before the Region and language tab.

How Windows 10 Turkish? How Windows 10 Turkish?

After passing through this tab, you click the Add language from page to page and from Turkish (Turkish) and the tool. After you click the language and Turkish language Turkish is added to the Set as default button. When you restart the computer Windows 10 if your operating system will be Turkish.

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