12.02.2016 15:02

Immersion, is suing Apple

The shock case to Apple! Apple's patent infringement does suggests. What will happen to Apple on this issue is already major defence curious case.

Looks like Apple is going to be the last Immersion trial star.  Immersion haptic feedback development firm that originated in California, Apple and AT&T to take their case to court to protect their technology against the.

The case against Buying What Matters to Apple?

Immersion is the subject of the case of the Apple iPhone 6/6Plus, iPhone 6/6s Plus and Watch/Watch Sport/Watch Edition in two patent violations. Information from Apple is Apple's device is always in line with the feedback system. However these systems are Taptic Engine for models and latest iPhone smartwatch models for 3D Touch/Force Touch property to be upgraded.

Immersion, since 1993 game systems, medical devices and electronic devices, a company licensed to tactile technology developed. The company claims that more than 3 billion devices around the world produced by themselves, at least one of the haptic technology being used.

2008 in Immersion, Cupertino was in close relationships, even with the iPhone will provide haptic feedback technology to even the gossip had spread. Apple, it's not the only technology giant sued by Immersion. Immersion in the year 2007 in the year 2012 to Microsoft and Motorola and Google sued.

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