04.11.2017 15:49

Initial Strength Tests for iPhone X

iPhone X smart phones appeared first for stability tests. iPhone X smart phones no matter how durable? That is what gives the answer to the test!

iPhone X

Everyone eagerly waiting for iPhone X smart phones on the market. As of yesterday the smart phones on sale, generally sales are also pretty good. Aside from the interest shown through the Apple Store, online sales are also a lot of interest in new phone platform. Now iPhone X with some tests reach users. At this point, the most curious is that we test endurance test. The results of two different endurance test appeared quite interesting results.

iPhone X it is How Durable?

First endurance test was done by JerryRigEverything. Along with the test made by the famous Youtube Channel how resistant against scratching of phones. As with other flagship model is quite resistant against scratching the glass surface. 5. to any problems. According to the test in daily use iPhone X scratch will not create the problem.  Other than that, you can watch the following video on other tests.

iPhone X drop test

Another test the robustness of the drop test. But unfortunately the iPhone X smart phones fall test is successful. Rear window breaking very easily again and this time the OLED screen is permanent damage. Located below in the drop test, you can watch the video.

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