28.01.2016 15:51

iPad technical specifications Air 3 becomes clear!

iPad Air 3 new technical specifications. So iPad Air 3 leaked this technical specifications? Here's the iPad is expected to Air 3 technical characteristics!

Last year, Apple iPad family has the highest screen resolution and screen size, introduced the iPad Pro model. Taiwan-based DigiTimes website according to a leak from introducing this year expected by Apple iPad Air 3 is 4 k screen and 4 GB of RAM is said to have technical features.

iPad technical specifications related to Air 3 Leaks!

Apple's new iPad model iPad Air 3 specifications from the leaks is true 4 k will bring power consumption occur because of the screen, the iPad can easily feed Air at 3:00 4 k screen using a higher-capacity battery is also expected.

iPad Air 3 in technical drawings previously iPad leaked Air 3, also with four speakers and LED Flash was among the expected features.

When will the iPad Air 3?

Apple's iPad as a probable Air 3 will perform at a press conference in March, 4 inch screen size iPhone model is expected to introduce with iPhone and Apple Watch 5E. Let's see if eagerly waiting for Apple users high definition iPad screen dream will take place this year?

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