02.02.2016 21:00

iPhone 6s to Motorcycle brutality!

TechRax team, a new iPhone video of torture came up with 6s. So what has become of the iPhone after torture 6s? That's extreme iPhone 6s videos!

TechRax a YouTube channel called for a long time have drawn the last wonder of technology products can be called torture videos with extreme or a name. TechRax it's also adding a new extreme videos. TechRax this one victim of Apple's the team in recent months and new pupils was one of smart phone iPhone 6s.

Here's the iPhone 6s's Motorcycle Zinciriyle Challenge!

TechRax video of team extreme, motorcycle chain Assembly for iPhone by placing the position 6s motorcycle. First run the bike with the most sensitive place iPhone 6s I mean glass part is cracking. Then the bike wheel teeth start to leave the damaged iPhone 6s. Towards the end of the video, the iPhone as long as all these extreme 6s can't stand and a more sloping edges, by winning two starts to leave the building.

TechRax for the iPhone team 6s extreme end of the video is filled with traces of bevel wheel gear-winning iPhone 6s. Here's the TechRax team this time motorcycle video of that extreme iPhone with 6s:


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