08.01.2016 23:07

iPhone 6s to Steel Rope Torture!

Distributing in the famous TechRax published in YouTube channel named this one victim iPhone 6s. Here's the iPhone made of steel rope torture to 6s.

TechRax a YouTube channel called to smartphones with his unusual test. TechRax is a new victim of extraordinary test of the team in recent months, Apple released new iPhone 6s model. However, the purpose of this one video iPhone TechRax 6s's test. Well, then what's the point of this torture to iPhone 6s? The answer is actually quite simple, have fun!

Here's the iPhone 6s's steel Rope Challenge!

TechRax like in the video, prepared by the team of iPhone makes steel rope torture to 6s. Steel rope taken from the iPhone between the node discarded 6s, compression of the node via starts shrinking slowly through the middle. iPhone started to withdraw while it is open in this interesting 6s iPhone 6s battery after a place she can't stand this torture is starting to smoke and more.

with the aim of interesting entertainment wire rope to iPhone 6s video attracts the TechRax channel, why should this to crush iPhone 6s video explains with and enjoy the video.

Here's the video of the Interesting iPhone 6s Torture!

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