21.12.2015 19:51

iPhone 7 for Great Property!

by 2016, the new claim for removal by Apple iPhone expected 7. If that's true iPhone will offer an excellent music experience 7. Here's the iPhone 7 claim!

Apple next year likely will introduce 7 model of iPhone users. According to reports from Apple before, we're quite used to decades of 3.5 mm audio output with the iPhone release 7 will give up.

iPhone 7, insufficient for the transfer of the remaining higher-resolution audio 3.5 mm audio line-out port of the sound output with the Lightning instead. The new allegations put forward confirms the news and a great voice to use with iPhone 7 technology occurs.

iPhone is expected to be used in conjunction with Technology 7: Hi-Res Audio

New claims from Apple, iPhone 7, 24-bit/96 kHz hi-res high quality sound technology, users make the most of the music experience on par planned. 

Apple, the Apple Music service users before and had bought the Beats Audio. All these news shows that Apple, with the iPhone 7 sound technology in the hands of this trump card are to use the best way against its competitors.

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