23.11.2017 20:24

iPhone X-like Oppo R13 seen

Identical Oppo R13 smartphones have appeared on Apple's iPhone X smartphones. Details and first known of Oppo R13 smartphones similar to iPhone X!

Oppo R13

Chinese smartphone giants have recently begun working on imitation models. At this point, we see the OnePlus models stand out first. It highlighted the imitation direction with new phones like iPhone 7 and the 5t model that came right behind it. This time, another Chinese phone giant Oppo began monitoring the same strategy, just behind the OnePlus brand. This time the brand’s new model, which has copied iPhone X smartphones, has emerged. Oppo R13 ‘s name and the future of the new model is also published images.

Oppo R13, like the iPhone X’s byproduct

Looking at the published visuals, the Oppo R13 smartphones will look exactly the same as the design of iPhone X smartphones. First, we see the phones using a vertical dual camera. The layout is the same as the iPhone X. Where Apple’s logo is located, the “Oppo” brand is taking note of the article.

In the front, the full screen is used, just like in the iPhone X model. But Oppo does not offer R13 notch division. Instead, there is a mini line with the microphone part. There is no physical key on the Oppo R13. Of course, we know these images are unconfirmed images right now. Oppo R13 will have to wait a while longer for verification. The specs are not clear.

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