09.02.2016 17:58

Is free of charge for a short period of time iOS Applications

Apple manages to still laugh users face. Apple Store located in some applications which can be downloaded free of charge by Apple users.

good news from Apple IOS users. Some of the most popular applications that are normally paid in the Apple Store for free for a while. So if you are interested in these applications are charged again before you install it to your phone as soon as possible.

Which Applications Free?

Momentum Habit Tracker: this application is normally $4.99. But today you can download for free the application by using code d9wd3m2.

Future Calc: another free application right now is you can use a special one hand Future Calc, calculator. Normally costs 99 cents.

Kung Fu Taxi: the price of this application which addresses the game lovers 99 cents, while currently free. This game consists of 32 levels, game lovers who invites competition. Kung Fu Taxi 2 free for a little while.

Quick Drafts: this application is an application that reminds you to do jobs. As your work can send mail.

Wi-Fi Scanner: with this application Wi-Fi signals over a much shorter period, yakalayabileceksiniz.

99 cents is Still a normally StarNote: application thanks to which you can keep your notes together StarNote and you can edit it.

Stress and Anxiety you breathe you, Companion: How do your muscles in every guestroom, and teaches you how to take over the tension of this application is also available for free for a short time in the Apple Store.

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