04.02.2016 19:58

LG G5 Introduction Date Became Clear.

LG's new flagship model will be the official introduction date for LG G5 is announced. So LG will be introduced when the G5? Here's the details and the date the introduction of LG G5!

LG, G series smart phones as affordable price/performance ratio with products users with long. LG, G series smart phones this year, so a new model of LG G5 's. LG's new smart phone will be the model for a long time LG G5 is the release date of this smart phone considering are highly expected.

How is a design of the model LG G5 those wondering if the date property on the link below the video of the leak can browse.

That's The Date Of The Introduction Of The LG G5!

LG came as many leaks related to the G5. In this leak LG G5 model, also spoken in 2016 during the occasion of the WMC. Today LG are the official social media accounts together with an explanation of his release date and the accuracy of this rumor was proven. LG G5, in this context, the Mobile World Congress (WMC 2016), a launch event to be held on February 21, will be introduced in Barcelona's Sant Jordi Club.


At the event in addition to LG's LG G5 with users of different products is expected. Let's see what other LG LG at this event with the G5 will introduce products?


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