10.02.2016 13:55

LG Phones Under Expectations?

LG phone LG phone with a voting are not at the same level of competitor came to the fore. So what about the LG phones?

Between users of a site called Phonearena voting LG phone is intended of the Samsung and Apple revealed that it is not in the level. The report recognized the site as LG's flagship G series-related comments made great and before LG G Series 9 out of 10 points.

What Is The Source Of The Problems LG Devices?

However, LG's not like Samsung and Apple, or another reason, the sale of LG branded devices is enough, however, especially compared with rivals Android fully discharge his characterized as a great success in six plotting. The reasons for this is that some people is weak and other LG's marketing problem is reportedly put forward in their own products. It also stores offer vendors Samsung and Apple phones reportedly rushing about.

According to, it's hard to say what the problem is, Phonearena, though, they make the voting among users of LG devices are definitely low votes. 10% of the vote is a part of LG's is exactly where it should be. 5% is a part of the phone interface, design, display and, as many important piece of LG failed.

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