02.01.2016 15:05

Live Photos came to Android!

Apple's popular Live Photos feature to Android. So how to use Android in Live Photos That's what private Android users Live Photos of details!

Apple's iPhone with iOS in recent months nine 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models to offer users with Live Photos (live photos) property, the Android's popular photo app Camera MX comes with Android devices can no longer be used. New iPhone models being built, with live photos as names on a Live Camera MX application for the property Photos instead of the Live Shot (live shot) in the form of a name.

Live Photos?

Live Photos property with users, and a few seconds of memory before taking photos photo frame can include. In this way, albeit short moments before the shooting then can be displayed

How To Use A Live Shot?

Camera MX application before you can use the corresponding Live Shot feature Live Photos feature is quite simple. By positioning your phone horizontally, the left side of the screen by pressing the button located on the Live Shot Live Shot assisted photo shoot. Live Shot, you're shooting with a feature to display as a live photo frame is that you need to hold down on the pictures you have taken.

Camera MX you can click here to download the application.


Let's see if we're used to seeing in the new iPhone model Android users are Live Photos or Android will appreciate the property with the name in Live Shot?

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