07.02.2016 16:39

Microsoft Lumia 850 Cancel?

People crowding around itself for a long time Microsoft Lumia 850 disappointment and do? Lumia have announced the launch of 650 850 instead of Lumia XL be true?

Metal plating deposit box called Microsoft Lumia 850 related stories over the phone? This phone has a metal casing and 6.92 mm thickness 5.7 inch FHD screen was supposed to be. Alias Honjo is Microsoft operating system will have 850 Snapdragon 617 Lumia. Also on the front of the phone, infrared scanner would take place.

But China is not the photos from infrared scanner, only the front camera. Last December, click Cancel Microsoft's Lumia was told 850. Apparently this is now firming up. Microsoft Lumia 850 instead of Lumia 650 XL model on the market.

Microsoft Lumia 650 XL Properties

Lumia 650 XL's 5.4 inches in size and will have a screen resolution of 720×1280. Adreno 304 210 processor GPU and Snapdragon Lumia 650 XL's features.

If a new Windows produced by intermediate level 10 Mobile phone if you hope to meet your expectations a little Lumia you lower. After all, Snapdragon 617 quite a performance difference between Snapdragon with 210.

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