22.01.2016 16:36

New advertisement for Apple TV!

Apple 4th generation Apple TV released a new commercial for the product. What about the 4th generation Apple TV commercial, what stands out? Here is the Apple TV's new ad!

Apple's iPhone 6s and introduced and helped launch the popular iPhone 6s Plus managed to collect the next generation Apple TV video of an ad for the product released. What about the 4th generation Apple TV commercial was removed to the forefront of what's going on?

Here is the new Apple TV ad and details!


Apple, the new Apple TV commercial Apple TV Apple TV by removing the fore their applications just to prove that. Apple, the Apple TV commercials at Netflix, Apple Music, WatchESPN, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Disney Infinity, Gilt, grubHub and popular applications such as HBO Online has done to the fore. 30-second-long video, Apple's Apple TV uses the slogan "the future of tv" for null-terminated.

Apple TV Turkey Price!

Has the support of full HD images, A8 processor-of-the-art and a great user experience Apple TV 32 GB and 64 GB with two different storage option available. If 32 GB of storage space on the Apple TV if you want to have to come out of your pocket the amount to $629 right now, another version is you have to pay the amount to 64 GB version is $829.

Let's see if Apple's 4th generation for the new Apple TV commercials affect the sales of the Apple TV?


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