11.02.2016 21:03

New application from instagram

Big surprise for instagram users! Posted in videos instagram Instagram users, it is now possible to see how many times he was being watched by the.

In a similar manner to those in Facebook now share videos in Instagram 400 million Instagram users by how many times he was being watched. The company began to show the number of views from today.

How Does The Application Work?

Number of tracked normally like instagram videos as it appears at the bottom of. How many times each video is simply click to see in high regard. They will give priority to the number of views, instagram because communities are the best indicator of how much interest the video of this would be. According to the company blog news Instagram spent watching videos of people increased in 40% of cases.

How many times have you monitored videos like the rest of us, it doesn't matter much for Instagram users, though, the creators of the most popular of the application contents of Vine or instagram for YouTube compared to laying down a vital indicator of how he was being watched. Instagram, this application is like day 5 million times Zach King watched as hundreds of thousands of times a day or Rachel Ryle videos for those people clicked on them is a way of measuring their interest. In addition, the advertiser pays attention to how the videos were being monitored.

Instagram, starting today, some users of this application before releasing it to everyone in the coming weeks began testing. You will soon be like on Facebook you can see the number of views your videos Instagram. Let's see if the Vine or YouTube videos can be how much competitors videos Instagram?

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