30.10.2017 21:18

New concepts was shared for Galaxy S9 models

A new study for the smart phones Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 how to details prepared drawings have? Galaxy S9 concept study shows what?

Samsung’s is expected to be the next flagship Galaxy S9 preparations for smart phones has already begun. As the brand’s significant changes to offer models stand out due to some rather curious Galaxy Q9 smart phone, finally was posted information about the display system. The phones will support the on-screen fingerprint system and in this way also will be provided upon receipt of the latest claim over the fingerprint screen. In fact, even the major patent images for these claims were shared. All of them then the phone factory drawings appeared in the alleged new drawings.

How The Will Have A Design Galaxy S9?

This time a little earlier expected the introduction of smart phones, would exceed the limits of the design part of it is also being considered. Totally rimless and will have a curved screen-speaking Galaxy S9 model, recently prepared concept study confirms these allegations. Fingerprint sensor on the screen, featuring the concept work, camera system is used in the form of vertical dual camera.

Galaxy S9

On top of the camera will be sorted in terms of how successful of a no details yet. Front camera for part will highlight special reserved area, working with the Galaxy made the news about Visual concept Q9. Official information about the new model arrives on our site. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus advance for a fact is quite high expectations.

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